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Making Bread

Reception have had lots of fun today learning how to make bread. The children learned how the dough has to rest and get bigger before they can knead and shape it. The children first washed their hands before starting and then used the palms of their hands to stretch, roll and manipulate the dough. Some of the children were surprised how sticky the dough was! The children then made bread rolls, plaited the bread and created a small loaf which was to be cooked and served to the children in school this week.




Moving and Handling

22-36m – 40-60m-

Smoothie Bike

Today, Reception made delicious smoothies using the smoothie bike. The children identified the different fruits we were going to use to make the smoothie. We then discussed what we would need to do with the fruit. Would we put a whole apple in? The children decided we would need to cut the fruit up small to fit in the smoothie maker. After putting all the fruit in, the children then each climbed onto the bike and began to pedal. Whilst the children were peddling the fruit began to change from a solid into a liquid. The children all enjoyed watching the smoothie transform. After that, the children all enjoyed a taste of the smoothie they had made.