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World Nursey Rhyme Week – Day 1 

As part of World Nursery Rhyme Week the children in Reception will be learning a nursery rhyme each day and taking part in activities linking to that rhyme. This helps develop the children’s communication and language, literacy skills,  maths and helps them to develop socially and emotionally.
The rhyme we focused on today was Bobby Shafto. The children enjoyed learning the song and coming up with actions to help us remember it .

The children then made telescopes to help them look out onto the sea and some children used boxes to make a boat!

EMM – 30-50/40-60

Reading To The Bears

Today, these children decided they would read to the teddies during continuous provision. As we have been looking at Goldilocks, the children independently chose a book about bears and began to recite the story from memory.


Independent Activity – Continuous Provision

Reading 40-60m-

Next Steps – To begin to recognise initial sounds in words and to talk about the pictures.


Some of the children in Reception got to use the iPads to control robots. The children tried to make the robots move forwards and backwards. It was lots of fun!


Focused Activity

Understanding the world – Technology – 30- 50m –

Next steps – To control the robot to move to a certain point and talk about how we could get the robot there.