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Making Bread

Reception have had lots of fun today learning how to make bread. The children learned how the dough has to rest and get bigger before they can knead and shape it. The children first washed their hands before starting and then used the palms of their hands to stretch, roll and manipulate the dough. Some of the children were surprised how sticky the dough was! The children then made bread rolls, plaited the bread and created a small loaf which was to be cooked and served to the children in school this week.




Moving and Handling

22-36m – 40-60m-


Some of the children in Reception got to use the iPads to control robots. The children tried to make the robots move forwards and backwards. It was lots of fun!


Focused Activity

Understanding the world – Technology – 30- 50m –

Next steps – To control the robot to move to a certain point and talk about how we could get the robot there.