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Making Bread

As the children have been learning all about the ‘Little Red Hen’ they made bread just like she did in the story. The children looked at wheat sheafs and then used the ingredients to make bread rolls.

The children cam up with ways to describe the dough such as: sticky, soft, gooey, smooth and they said you need to have muscles to be able to mix it!

We then had to wait for the bread to grow bigger before we could put it in the oven. We rolled it into bread rolls and then cooked it in the oven.

UTW – 30-50/40-60m-


This pupil brought two protractors over and said “Miss its broke.” He had recognised that when they are put together they form a different shape. We talked about what shape it would make and we looked at some familiar shapes and names of shapes. In the end he decided that when the two halves are put together they make a circle.

Indépendant / Support

30-50 –

Next steps – To know the names of simple shapes