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Today we have been looking at size. First we looked at the size of some of the children in class and discussed who was the tallest and who was the shortest the children worked together as a class to tell each other where they would need to move to to be in order. Some of the children then went off to the craft table and ordered pictures from the smallest to the biggest.


Maths – SSM – 30-50/40-60m-


Today some of the children in reception designed a map to help Little Red Riding Hood find her Grandmas house. We worked together to think of things she might come across on her journey and then drew them on our map. We then talked about how she would get there.

#RS said “She needs to go over the bridge.”

#RE said “She can’t swim in the water so she will have to go around it.”

Reading To The Bears

Today, these children decided they would read to the teddies during continuous provision. As we have been looking at Goldilocks, the children independently chose a book about bears and began to recite the story from memory.


Independent Activity – Continuous Provision

Reading 40-60m-

Next Steps – To begin to recognise initial sounds in words and to talk about the pictures.