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This morning, Early Years took part in a carousel of activities linking to PSHCE and health and well-being.

Miss O’Malley, Miss Price and Mrs Knowleson each delivered different activities to the children in Pre Nursery, Nursery and Reception. Miss O’Malley talked to the children about the importance of the message of PANTS, Miss Price delivered an activity all about healthy and unhealthy food, and Mrs Knowleson lead a zumba class for the children!

PANTS is an underwear rule created by the NSPCC, and informs children about the importance of keeping their private parts private. After a short discussion between Miss O’Malley and the children, they then watched this short video, lead by Pantosaurus and understood the important message that he was telling them.

The children then went off to design their own pants, whilst understanding the message behind them of protecting their private parts.

Here are some photographs of the children taking part in Miss Price’s healthy and unhealthy food activity:

Here are some photos of the children taking part an energetic Zumba workshop. The children moved every part of their bodies in time to some fast paced music – they had so much fun!

This afternoon, we were very lucky to have a visit from Elaine and her colleague Laura who are Community Support Police Officers. They talked to us all about their role within the community, and showed us some of the equipment that they carry around with them. We then went on to learn about stranger danger, and we were taught the phrase run, yell, tell! This is something that we can remember to use if we are ever in danger.

PSED (MF+B) 40-60

PSED (MR) 40-60

PSED (SCSA) 40-60

UW (P+C) 40-60

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